Would ye just sit down and shut up? — 4 Comments

  1. Ian, it would be nice to think that this sort of boorishness began with the Celtic Tiger, but I can remember Jack L, 15 years ago, stopping in mid-performance and asking people to stop talking. There’s a basic lack of respect in our people.

  2. Its spread over here too Ian, I was at the 02 last month to see ‘War of The Worlds’ and people were leaving at least ten minutes before the end……why ? Well I can only guess that they are far more important than the rest of us and just need to be first out and would never queue to get out of a venue !!

  3. For some it’s about being seen at events and this goes back some time. The Republic of Ireland had reached the quarter final of the World Cup in 1990 and were playing Italy in Rome. There is a story that one of those who wanted to be seen at events was so out of touch with the sport that she was there to watch that she said “I didn’t know that Paul McGrath was black!”

  4. Did they not tweet that they were at the event? Discuss what their offline friends were doing Or let you know on Facebook that they were there, so that it comes into your phone that such and such is close by ( I really need to turn that app off, if I find how it got turned off)

    It really is about proving they have a life. I sat beside a girl at a rugby match who was taking pictures of herself and posting online. I could not understand why she would go to something, she had no interest in and I believe it is because she thinks she is supposed to have interest in it. No other reason.

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