Desert Island Selections — 4 Comments

  1. I can remember my Nan listening to Desert Island Discs, can you remember Ian, was it broadcast in the afternoon, I have this recollecton of it being aired in the afternoon, or maybe it was ‘Listen with Mother’

  2. ‘Catching ‘Desert Island Discs’ is a rare occurrence these days, in the Irish Midlands the BBC Radio 4 signal has become as intermittent and unreliable as that of Radio Luxembourg was for those who listened to it late at night forty years ago’

    It was over the Christmas and New Year period when both RTE and C4 (I think) had the three Girl with Dragon Tattoo series on three successive evenings – none finishing before 1a.m. – that I became convinced that even those responsible for setting the programmes now accept that, with recordable dvd, Skybox, Podcats and internet repeats, most viewers/listeners no longer ‘catch’ the broadcast live over the radio and TV waves.

    Upto six months ago, DID website had all shows going back to about 2002 on their website available as podcasts. Perfect lmaterial for a decent walk.

    Now they have extended that to all broadcats since programme started. Not sure my iPod has sufficient capacity.

    Excuse as to otherwise engaged on a Sunday morning not accepted…….

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