Horse meat is a cultural issue — 6 Comments

  1. It is a food safety issue if the horses have been treated with any medication which should not enter the human food chain. It would be naive to assume that horsemeat which is being passed off as beef is guaranteed to be safe to eat.

  2. Has there been any evidence of such meat, though? Isn’t it more likely that this has been happening for sometime, horse meat being much cheaper than beef?

  3. I agree that it is likely to have been happening for some time. I also feel that it is unlikely that every manufacturer has been duped in to including horsemeat in their beef products unknowingly. Price differentials are the obvious explanation. But I still feel it is a food safety issue when horsemeat of unknown origin, quality or health status is included in supposed beef products. Not because it’s horsemeat but because it’s not beef as it’s supposed to be. If manufacturers want to make horse burgers using traceable quality-assured horse meat then I would have no problem with that. As for your questions – I would suspect any product that is pawned off as something that it is not. No evidence of such meat will exist as no tests on it have been carried out because it is supposedly beef. And it has probably happening for at least as long as beef has been at current price levels, 3 years or so.

  4. I think that if the fair pay and fair trade issues I tried to raise in the Farmers’ Journal were taken seriously by Departments of Agriculture the race to the bottom in standards and prices would lose its momentum.

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