What if this summer is as bad as last? — 3 Comments

  1. As the late Paddy O Keefe observed global warming has morphed into climate change and climate has always changed…there is more than enough grassland in this country to produce adequate fodder for next winter..the average stocking rate is very very low …Nitrogenous fertiliser plus phosphate and potash will give a greater economic response than anything our government can dream of ..all nitrates restrictions should be waived for this year given the extaordinary circumstances that prevail.Straw will provide adequate roughage as a backstop with meal next winter.The next 8 weeks are critical.

  2. Two extra bags of nitrogen on derogation farms ie highly stocked would grow a lot of feed ..with the exception of a few teagasc guys muttering I dnt hear anyone kicking up a much focus on getting feed into the country altho important is ignoring the bigger picture.This is what the IFA is for so a few phone calls wont go astray.

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