Sermon for Sunday, 9th February 2014 (5th Sunday after the Epiphany) — 4 Comments

  1. I found this sermon by pure accident and just thank you so much for it. What an uplift to me it was to realise that pressing toward the mark serving my master, I can show that Jesus can make a difference in my community.

  2. Tom,thanks. Looking at the history of the church in the early centuries should always be an inspiration to individuals and small groups.

  3. When some old dear says “Saints preserve us”, it’s because they appreciate that they are the salts of the earth!

    Looking forward to my installation as Vicar of the Prebendary of Tassagard tomorrow.

  4. I wasn’t aware that the Prebendary of Tassagard had a vicar until I looked at the blue sheet for the year. I’ll happily share with you the entire income of the prebend!

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