Fertile soil for UKIP — 2 Comments

  1. The signals from the mainstream politicians suggest that, in England, Labour and the Tories will move closer to UKIP rather than deal with the causes of the alienation. I’m not surprised at this because it wouldn’t suit the Tories look at the causes of the problem while the Labour Party seems to be tory-lite in many of its utterances.
    Here in Ireland the alienation shows up in votes for Sinn Féin and some independents. The Labour Party has to take a lot of the credit for the rise of SF. I see that with Joan “cuts in child benefit” Burton and Alex “people are not entitled to discretionary medical cards regardless of their condition” White as the candidates for the leadership (sorry, to become Tánaiste) that the party hasn’t been listening to the message from voters.

  2. I think the problems stem from the party of “labour” becoming a vehicle for middle class ambitions, rather than a party that attempts genuinely to engage with working people

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