Why supporting Munster can seem attractive — 3 Comments

  1. If you had decided those years ago to support the ‘us against the world’ Munster as opposed to the ‘we don’t need anyone beyond South County Dublin’ Leinster, you would have been equally disappointed this year.

    Rugby has sold out to the TV Networks at the expense of the fans – thus rendering Munster having so many Friday night matches already this season.

    With two large support bases, Friday night means a half-day for those from Cork wishing to travel to Limerick.

    Friday also means that one is very unlikely to bring a small child and possible future supporter – great future planning.

    A provincial C.E.O. has bemoaned the Friday nights on a few occasions but that is a far as it has gone – he did not publicly criticise the broadcaster; he did not encourage the supporters to boycott the broadcaster and to write letters of complaint; he did not ‘arrange’ for the Stadium owners to make it unavailable on Friday nights as there is a ground-sharing agreement in place with the tiddly-winks club as exists with soccer for many UK club venues.

    It may be that he wants to only have battles that he can win – in which case he should defend the indefensible of the TV scheduling. If he wishes to actually object, do something other than mild bemoaning….

    I suspect that you will have a few Friday evening trips available for the remainder of the season.

  2. The logic at the moment seems to be that it doesn’t matter how few actual fans turn up. The crowd on Friday was perhaps 7-8,000, but Leinster claimed an attendance of 15,077 on the basis of the number of tickets sold – they must take the number of season tickets and add to that the additional tickets sold for that particular match

  3. Correct.

    The difference is the number of fans who paid for season ticket but could not attend.

    From your calculation, it is more than the number who actually attended – a lot of no shows.

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