Being Protestant means being bad — 3 Comments

  1. While we continue to use the economic system designed to keep a crusading force in permanent occupation of the Holy Land, or Spain, with transfers we will continue to exploit both the poor and the earth to the point of destruction. How far the protestant pushed this over and above the catholic is like apportioning credit between a pair of rowers on a bench crossing the river Styx.

  2. The failings of both traditions were great, but at least there was some notion of accountability to some higher power. They have been superseded by an atheist materialism where there is no notion of being responsible to anyone and where happiness consists in a multiplicity of possessions.

  3. The problem in the past was the higher power wasn’t God but some abusive brother of a minor potentate or here, a marcher lord. Who conferred largesse and even survival based on how low one could kowtow.
    But how can you blame people in their attempts to accrue bits and bobs when the entire social structure is formed about it. Consumer spending is the engine by which the rest flows.
    I’m determined to find a use for that air compressor we see at both Aldi and Lidl twice or so times a year. And I can’t even think of anyone outside of a garage, a dentist and a tattooist that might need one at all nevermind having one in the shed for the odd job. Part of the problem eh.

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