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  1. In some ways it is a bit sad, in others perhaps less so for it clears a space for the newer media. For instance a news blog wouldn’t have the overhead and could survive on vastly less ad revenue. For remember that newspaper was the survivor of the newspaper wars back around 1900.
    Also, and for what it’s worth, the west of England has the same issue of the Irish countryside. An economic system seemingly actively designed to eat itself. But for the Quakers and a few Liberal business it would be exactly the same as Ireland. Sad really, for investable liquidity is there and always has been, but like in Ireland they would prefer to speculate on oilwells in Uganda or like back in the day, Gold Sands in Dunedin.

  2. Somerset benefited hugely from Quaker businessmen, not least the huge shoe industry created by C & J Clark in the middle of the county. Now it would hard to guess which way the future might go, the economic system has eaten the heart from towns as out of town multiples swallow the trade from the high street

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