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  1. I highly doubt it. Lots has been made of Bracken moving in very high circles in the UK. But the truth is the foundation of the 1922 committee within the Tory party had Irish(Gaelic) and Catholic representatives. The Irish Party had a very Liberal bias but there was a very strong group who were Tory too.
    Plus, the UK Irish connection wasn’t just from the Island of Ireland.

  2. He was none too happy at his meeting with Dalton!

    I suspect that if the old boys’ network was as strong as alleged, there must have been many who knew exactly his background but chose not to speak of it.

  3. More than that, he was moving within the finance sphere. And frankly Dalton was delivering that nasty belittling putdowns you hear regularly here.
    Of course, when BB first knew WRC, he was on top, and he was one of the very very very few who stayed his friend through what Churchill called his wilderness years. He supported him with cash

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