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  1. A new blog format ?.

    This one has been running about in my head while out with the dog. But not directly, that essayist of yours is patiently a nutter.
    If you ever get a chance to read Philip Rahtz on archaeology. He was a relatively self trained archaeologist from Bristol who eventually was elected Prof of Archaeology at York. Anyhoo, he posited that established facts were dangerous things when it came to social theories. And that Strawman outlandish semi hermeneutic theorising on them might highlight elements in the timeline that otherwise would be missed.
    In the history field. The two Germanies 1945-90, had history departments that took very different views on the German Peasants War, this forced vastly deeper examination on the 15 years 1515 to 1530, and thence to the 50 years either side of 1525. Were the farmers thieving hoards.

  2. Richard, the long-suffering engineer who maintains the site, suggested a change. The old format had been used since 2009 and had become very slow to load.

    My correspondent would be a fascinating case study, but the more frustrating thing about conspiracy theories, and other sensationalist news, is that they divert attention from things happening in full view.

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