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  1. I did quite a bit of work in France back in the day. And one of the things I really liked about the French was their scepticism. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think they get to the nihilism sceptics drift towards here on these islands. No, this is more romantic, philosophical and frankly French. It’s that shrug with the one second sucking of the teeth denoting everything from what can we do, to OK lets get going and have a bit of a strike to fix things.
    You see I don’t have the same feeling about the election you have. At least not to the result.
    Remember it was DeG who set up the two election election allowing for the voting with the heart in the first to vent the trés frustré to the vote with the head in the second.
    Do you think the UK would’ve voted to Brexit if they had a second vote a week later. Or the US for Trump.

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