On cowboy boots — 2 Comments

  1. I lusted after loafers as a teen. There must’ve been some sort of teddyboy revolt agin all the punk. We couldn’t afford them either.
    The garb of the cleric is an interesting one. And lets face it, you’d have to go back a while to find a populous not aware of a more casual suiting and booting being readily available without descending into a happy-clappy region. Sure you might find someone with a great great uncle having had the episcopal kiss and was immortalised by the fashionable painter of the day. Is now giving notions today for those with a grá for a fancy bit of colour.
    Is it not a bit like the Muslim girls wearing the scarf, in that they don’t have too do it, but choose too.

    It’s the pinstripe I find a bit racy. IMO should be reserved to bankers, bookies and accountants 🙂

  2. Given contemporary clerical styles, I regard my 1950s look as counter-cultural!

    The pin stripe would probably need to be a bit wider to move into the racy category – really wide pin stripes are worn by Tory MPs

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