Rector’s Letter – April 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t normally comment when you are speaking to your congregation as distinct from more generally. But here I think I can, and should.
    Too some extent I comment on this in order to be inclusive. It’s my small way to agree/disagree with someone who’s opinion a very few short years ago I wouldn’t hear/read.
    Now don’t get me wrong. If your writings were boring or of a slant so rightwing I wouldn’t read them. Equally I’m amazed at your output for when I was writing hard for my blog I wasn’t even close to your output.
    Anyway. I’m sorry he has gone. He seemed to be the one that kept the Institutions going after the removal of Paisley. And I’m hoping against hope that he’s been there long enough that he’s created, by outlasting his cohort on both sides that politics has become embedded.
    Oh, and for what it’s worth. The inherited institutions in both States after the various Government of Ireland Acts in the early 1920’s were what we’d call today institutionally racist. And I can easily argue that of the two today, the North is by far the less racist. The difference is we in the South seem to accept it until people like Wallace TD for Wexford and Daly in Dublin expose it, for that is what’s underpinning the Penalty Points erasure for some people.

  2. I have a sister living in a Loyalist area of Belfast who held him in the highest regard.

    I think in ten years time, when the last of the military men have gone, Sinn Fein will become more widely acceptable

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