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  1. I was there in the mid 60s it was the happiest time of my childhood no beatings i won a bible where you had to learn a verse from the bible beginning with in the beginning was the word and god was the word etc i am 65 now but i remember everything all i have to do is close my eyes and i’m back there. anyone with more info or who was there at that time can get in touch please. i am on facebook and live in birminghom i born in stourbridge West midlands now woustershire then.

  2. My older brother was there from 1980-1985 because of severe asthma. If you have any details/photos from that period that I can pass on, it would be appreciated. He is not on any social media so I will pass on.

  3. Never went further than Essex until getting sick and leaving Oldchurch Hospital. I was sent to Heathercombe to convalesce at 10 year old.

    I can recall walking everywhere. And Jay’s grave.

    The only person I can recall being there is Judith Wood.

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