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  1. I was there in the mid 60s it was the happiest time of my childhood no beatings i won a bible where you had to learn a verse from the bible beginning with in the beginning was the word and god was the word etc i am 65 now but i remember everything all i have to do is close my eyes and i’m back there. anyone with more info or who was there at that time can get in touch please. i am on facebook and live in birminghom i born in stourbridge West midlands now woustershire then.

  2. My older brother was there from 1980-1985 because of severe asthma. If you have any details/photos from that period that I can pass on, it would be appreciated. He is not on any social media so I will pass on.

  3. Never went further than Essex until getting sick and leaving Oldchurch Hospital. I was sent to Heathercombe to convalesce at 10 year old.

    I can recall walking everywhere. And Jay’s grave.

    The only person I can recall being there is Judith Wood.

  4. Coming from the archetypal ‘broken home’, I attended first the children’s home, ‘Heatherway’, in 1970, aged 10, and commenced the boarding school, itself, Heatree House, from January 1971 until I left in Winter, 1975. My best friends were Gary Brown (Devon boy) and Nigel Weston (Birmingham boy), myself Nottinghamshire-born, but brought up in Essex. Although the school was run along strict religious lines, in retrospect it instilled excellent social and moral codes, which remained for Life. It is very true that time spent there could be difficult, boys coming from troubled backgrounds, my own mainly centred on parents ceaselessly arguing, often violently. I personally valued walks on the moors, some of the local spots such as Mary Jay’s grave and Hound Tor being particular favourites. The school motto, FIDES OMNIA VINCIT, became for me a maxim for life, translated meaning ‘Faith Overcomes All’. My name there was Adrian Francis Dunham, but changed the surname at age 21, refusing to carry the name of my father. The presence at Heatree House did tend to isolate a child, in their own local area, losing touch with local friends etc, but in my own experience, being a boarding school boy did instil self-reliance and a spirit of independence. Adrian (1970-1975)

  5. I first attended Heatherway Children’s Home (nearby to Heatree House) in 1970, age 10, successfully got back to London, but, being a perpetual truant in my own area, was sent to Heatree House itself in late 1970, being there until Christmas Term 1975.Being at Heathercombe Brake shaped a person in positive ways, as in being an Independent person, situations of all kinds whilst at the school honing one’s personality and codes/values, even if we may not have strictly realised it, at the time. As a terminal cancer patient, I am glad to have experienced what life as a full-time Boarder was like, and being able to experience the wonderful Devonshire countryside and natural features/landmarks of the area. My name there was Adrian Francis Dunham, later changing the surname for personal reasons, my best two friends being Devon boy Gary Brown and Birmingham boy Nigel Weston. The school motto, FIDES OMNIA VINCIT (Faith Overcomes All) became a worthy credo to live by.

  6. My Brother Sean Rutter was here 1980 onwards , first attending at Teignmouth,,
    Would love to see any photos & hear from anybody who was with Sean at this time
    I remember “ Peter “ & Issy
    Sean sadly Passed 7 years ago due to his health condition

  7. Hi I was part of the Heathercombe Brake Trust from 1974-starting in Heathlands Rise Teignmouth,run by Miss Nora Batt,then subsequently moved to Heatree House,Manaton,where I stayed until 1979,whereupon I chose a career in Hotel & Catering,went to study @ Torquay Technical College,and took a job in a local cafe,situated in Trago Mills Liverton,off the A 38 Drumbridges Roundabout,then known as The Chuck Wagon.
    I was fostered during my time @ Heatree House,by Malcolm & his late wife Christine Ford,of Rora House Liver ton Devon,known as Rora Christian Fellowship.Miss Quantick principal of Heathercombe Brake Trust knew Rora Christian Fellowship,and invited the m to Heatree House to take a Sunday evening service,which is how I met Malcolm & Christine Ford.
    From the details I have given,I wonder if anyone reading this remembers me?Incidentally,if it helps,I was great friends with Robert Steel,the late Brian Webber from Chagford,and the late Graham Knight,from Somerset.

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