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  1. I was at Heathercombe Brake school between 1969-1971,I was then Bethan Llewelyn and even though we lived in Dawlish I was still a boarder. Does anyone remember me?

  2. Thanks Ian, that would be good. My father was a minister at Dawlish congregational church so that maybe something she remembers about me.

  3. My name was Christine Magney and I was there in May 1963 for what I remember to be the best 12 weeks of my short life. I was 11 and remember being great pals with a boy called Georgie Bell. We got lost on the moors one day and did not get back until late do we had to do the washing up. Would love to hear from anyone there around that time.

  4. Hi I think I was there from 1969 ish? I remember Sue Donut, Patsy someone & Fiona Olgivy I was Pat Young it as a pretty strange place and it screwed up my schooling because by the time I got back into main stream school I had missed quite a bit! only stayed for a while as I was too home sick. I do still bear the physical scars of playing hiding seek and running into a washing line pole and split my cheek open 🙂 also remember escaping down the outside fire staircase and going into town to play on the fruit machines and pin ball!!

  5. ooh! and just remembered Lorraine Evans and Patsy Bloomfield Trisha someone – where are you guys?

  6. Hi Trish was it Trisha Chilcott you remember. I was there 70-77. I’m sorry I don’t recognise your name, I remember Fiona but not the other names you mentioned. I was Lynnda King

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