You’re beautiful — 3 Comments

  1. Artists would hold that all are beautiful but relatively few at any given time are commercially beautiful. And you’ll also find that relatively few Mode’s begin from the people and most derive from a Meryl Streep type in The Devil Wears Prada.

  2. I never found those who were a la mode particularly beautiful, they are so manufactured that human beauty is absent.

  3. It kinda depends on how and where you place the starting line. If we take colours in clothing up to very lately they were reserved to the very wealthy and the churchmen. So when you say manufactured about the fashions today I might say managed. I for instance cannot see why Japanese and Chinese women insist on getting married in a white dress when the native dress is utterly gorgeous. But there you go, some people like hiking mountains and others like fishing, some like both.
    What I’m saying above about beauty is when a movement from below like the grunge look on the late 80s and 90s came from gigantic east European warehouses filled to the gills with army uniforms ended up in the street markets like Camden and Portobello -Goldbourn rd end- and was absorbed effortlessly by everyone under 30. Oxford St in 1990 was like the eastern block had taken over. What came out of it was managed. It simply became a sales’ question, and ‘beauty’ became a commercial issue. Meaning Kate Moss.

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