Pitchforks and plantation — 1 Comment

  1. Without overcooking the thing, land in Ireland is a function of survival. And when you put those who were planted into the equation it doesn’t really change things all that much, mostly because the general theory about how leases were apportioned might be tilted towards CoI in one large estate, or Catholic in another how the tenants survived under the regime wasn’t all that different. It might’ve seemed that way, but it wasn’t.
    Up to relatively lately the amount of land needed to draw a real living, the Land Commission divisions was between 35 and 70 acres in the 30s. By the late 60s early 70 that became 70 to 120 acres. And in the interim, the farm size has gone from the 100 ish to pushing 200 because the 35 and the 70 guys and gals moved/were bought out.
    But in the last few years we’ve had a change. Remember when the quotas were removed. That meant the small operators got more and more squeezed. It also meant 1000 upon 1000 of very scared people.

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