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  1. Rabbage is a name I’d not come across before. But there seemed to be lots like her in those country two room schools on both these islands. Which, of course, is of little surprise since the Primary School Act 1870 was one of the few applied equally on both islands without let or hindrance tolerated by earl bishop or viscount. But then it also paid out to all if the student was poor enough, church schools too. One of the reasons we’ve such a problem with schooling in Ireland.
    But where it carried forward kids education it utterly obliterated three languages, Welsh, Irish and Scottish. Of course France did something like it and it almost erased Breton, and did many of the sub languages of French, Orc is all but gone. Remaining only in accents on Isle de France “sal d’bang” salle de bain.
    Oddly enough, I think the quest for elementary teachers is a bit of a ‘thing’, or at least occurred twice. For last year I was driving from Cashel to Clonmel for something or other and tootled about the cemetery in Rosegreen where The Master is buried.

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