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  1. OK. I had a decko on the google earth. It’s an odd contradictory little town.
    The church (s) seem to be in the wrong place, pointing to a refocusing of the town. And where’s the castle gate to go with the Portcullis.
    I note there are no small 18th century leftovers like you usually see here and in the south of England. What the estate agents call Artisan but was labourers in my memory. And how on earth did the Catholic church get build cheek by the CoE one. There is a road in the river meadow to the NW, likely to have forded the river more or less where the railway does now.
    But the most interesting things are the alignments of the river meadows in that area. They are very very close to the alignment of the houses along the road.
    Oh, you can be a foot passenger on a bridge too.

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