A shortage of wizards — 5 Comments

  1. You make Merlin sound like Jesus. Oh, I see, that’s your intention: miraculous birth, singing in the sky, stars appearing (just like Kim Jong Il), miracles, exorcisms. And like Merlin, Jesus went into retirement in the 1960s, at least in this country he started his wind down then. Clever Ian.

  2. Merlin was generally encountered by those who had consumed too much fermented apple juice!

  3. Merlin would, of course, have pre-dated the Synod of Whitby and the uniformity of such expressions.

  4. I’d say Herne was the echo of a pre-Roman version for the East of England. But do you remember that program on Robin Hood that had Enya delivering the theme music something around 1980.
    Is the Merlin engine not a reference to the Falco columbarius for it allowed the craft to dip and weave like the falcon.

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