I should have gone to Sainsbury’s — 2 Comments

  1. I used to work security for a Private Bank in Frankfurt. A bank that required an initial deposit of a Million DM in cash to open an account.

    One evening an old man shuffled up to the window of the bullet proof cabin. He was dressed no differently to any retired German bank clerk on a modest pension. He spoke to me, timidly, uber politely as if i were his social superior. A nice old boy. He asked if any letters had been left there for him. I can’t recall now if there was mail for him there but I do recall wondering why a pensioner of the bank would have his post redirected to the security office so when my colleague came in later that evening I recounted what had happened.

    Turns out he was the Semi Retired Numero Uno of the bank or ‘God’ as he would have been referred to. The bank’s founder and one of the richest men in Germany if not Europe at the time. A man who literally had the Chancellor and Kanzler on speed dial and what he refered to as ‘mail’ were infact Multi-Billion dollar agreements purchasing the entire crop of bananas of some nation state or the other that required his signature.

    I learnt the lesson. “Sorry to trouble you , i used to work here..” yeah , right. The days when Sherlock Holmes could deduce everything about a man from his attire are long past. Especially in these god awful days when both the high and lowly born will answer the bloody door in their boxers….and that’s just the women.

  2. I never minded Waitrose’s that much when I lived in England but M&S had the ability to annoy me profoundly. There was something so gratingly prissy about the food servings. And tiz one of the things I’m disappointed with my fellow countrymen is that M&S survives in Ireland. We’re just not thin check shirt people.

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