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  1. I am profoundly wary of giving to emotional causes without first spending an amount of time examining the agency that is profoundly disproportionate to the amount I’m thinking of giving.
    Growing up I would hear about charity giving was only a good thing. And to some extent that is true, but it is so easy to be flim-flammed by ‘valid’ charities.
    Education is the most dangerous, closely followed by agriculture. Most educational is going to prop up the balance sheets of private schools and giving them a charitable profile by having the 10% of the intake on free fees. Then the lunacy of agriculture giving. Sending a cow to a family that already has a farm, and attempting to repeat a ranching style of farming in places with food shortages is insane. It’s one of the reasons Zimbabwe had such problems, for they tried to repeat Texas in Africa.

  2. A lot of stuff done with good intentions – like the shoebox appeals – represents very poor value for money.

    I could never understand the economics of sending livestock.

  3. It makes sense it you draw in x1000 the value of the animal adding the trip and only send one.

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