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  1. A lot more is known about Roman settlement and economics since 1990 than before. I must send you the link to the Roman sites across the empire.
    In the past the study of the empire was split between all the current States. So you had France stopping at her border, ditto Holland. Germany was divided east of the limes and west. And Spain of course, more properly the Iberian lands.
    Buy we rarely thought of the eastern Empire, and NEVER the southern. We were never told that a wall existed like Hadrians Wall in Africa.
    But in England Rome was there for three reasons. Lead, from the north, copper from the Great Orme and south Wales and wool.
    If you wanted to ship metal like copper or lead up to the time of the railways meant water. I’m going to suggest to you that in the area is a major port for transshipping copper from Wales to the Fosse and down to the coast. Remember up until relatively recently much of the land now farmed was more an extension of the Atlantic than anything else. So I’d say your House is more Mining Magnet Mansion like in Silver City or Virginia City than sensitive soul with a grá for Publius Vergilius Maro. 🙂

  2. It is a little off the Fosse Way, which runs through Ledford and Ilchester at its nearest point, but is clearly the work of someone who has made a good deal of money

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