Picturing the unnoticed — 1 Comment

  1. The smartphone killed stone dead the point and shoot segment of the camera manufacturers. Almost overnight.
    By 2010 the market for P&S was gone.
    Some manufacturers vanished, some simply were sold to Chinese companies and gutted. Some like Nikon and Canon survive by being a component of a gigantic corp. Nikon being part of Mitsubishi.
    The only issue about photo images over the last ten or so years is that while on the internet, they are largely lost to the home. For no one prints out images anymore. And when they do they find because the screen is back lit their money is lost. So, while we take lots more images we have almost none. I set up a studio for culture night in the Main Guard in Clonmel with that very idea in mind and had a almost 100 people in and 40 sat for a portrait.
    You have a good eye btw, you might use Aldi photo and get a book of your images printed.

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