Somerset roads defy computers — 3 Comments

  1. Ooo I think that would be relatively easy to fix. My little dog has a passive chip, and there are loads of cats eyes type of thing. It would be little problem to put active emitter into them charging them with the car rolling on them. The you have the laser reflectors you could put on walls like you see chainmen use in surveying. And not least, and probably simplest, lightly magnetized balls placed into a hopper that would be laid with the tar.
    The barely wide enough like in Scotland, and here, would be far safer too. Say you have a stretch wide enough for one, the cars themselves would decide who got to the prime point first not some half blind pair of dimwits overloaded with fear induced testosterone.

  2. We are mercifully free of the numerous boy racers who travel the roads of rural Ireland.

    The capital cost of the necessary equipment would probably exceed the worth of making some of our byways driverless.

  3. I think eventually the idea is that a driverless truck will deliver goods to a shop or a bus bringing people to work.
    A bet with you. Within 20 years we’ll see vehicles virtually autonomous. First in cities for the programmable nature will speed up the entire transit system. Then the intercity system. And almost instantly everyplace else.
    They reckon there is almost 40 trillion worth of trade in this.

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