An end to aid — 1 Comment

  1. Many countries in the 50s 60s and 70s post independence borrowed from the World Bank having been assured this was the way to develop their countries. So you had States building power stations in countries a chap on a bike could light. But the structures were incredibly useful to the giant mining and smelting corps. Ditto with roads and rail.
    The question is, are the problems in the West the same as those in Africa. An answer I believe is both yes and no. But only in the difference between what one does with Connemara and the Highlands and Islands -v- the lowlands, Wales and the midlands, or really anyplace north of Oxford. Same as east Belgium North France, the iron belt and coal mining regions in the US.
    One thing I’m certain is that the wholesale removal will create hell. Remember the Irish famine and those in India during the 19th century were as a direct result of the removal of a policy combined with nature. Where the natural event, nothing new, exposed the precarious economy.
    It’s something you see in the UK and Ireland at the moment where the Social is forcing people to look for employment that won’t cover the expenses of life. Creating in the process a homeless crisis and a system of slavery.

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