Synchronicity in granite — 2 Comments

  1. I think a lot of Jung stems for the era he lived. Or rather the era just before. We forget the largest, and largest by far, of those that entered the US from 1850 came from German speaking lands. And we also forget that Germany with Austria reorientated at least six times since 1800 with a new structure each time. So while you might be brought up to think of you and your family as a defender of the Land/Church/People and in the case of Austria the first line of defense against the Turk. But on the whole we are speaking about changes in the purpose of a strand of society and they didn’t have the tools to re-tool. A bit like all the people who saw their life being district commissioners/magistrates in the Imperial service that didn’t know what to do when the empire vanished in an English context. Or the people on these islands still awaiting the call when all the dressage skills they’ve been drilling into nags become useful and they can charge the guns again.
    I believe Jung failed because he forgot that the human is social in it’s natural state. But if that state is manipulated by unclear goals we become maladjusted. Indeed I think Brexit and Trump are but visual specters of that problem that’s seen the collapse of the clear economic goals that in the past kept people relatively safe, house/land ownership, sound steady job with a pension, education.
    As to synchronicity in Jungs meaning. Our Cherry blossom is a few days later than the Suir valley, and a few days earlier than Kilkenny. But you would be a few earlier than Tramore. Jung saw only the trees nearby.

    Sorry about the length.

  2. It seems almost as though Jung wanted to recover the security of his childhood beliefs passed to him by his pastor father.

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