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  1. The blue plate thing was to give the eye of the eater the impression that there was more food on the plate that there was, no food is blue. But the real reason it worked was the plate was 1/3 less than a normal dinner plate. That and not eating two dinners.
    The Holy Wells and Rag Trees are far older. Most of the Celtic La Tene metelwork came from them. But they were also used as a tool to continue a Christian community. While you mightn’t be in communion in a structure you could by drinking from a source.
    The tree is a bit different for usually it’s a Whitethorn. This tree isn’t in the pollen history until the advent of the Roman occupation. Used I contend to manage the great wool ranches, and then replicated when the Normans took over and them and their church re-empired the land to repeat the great wool estates this time under the church. And this came over with the Normans to Ireland.
    I say usually a Whitethorn. But of course before the Romans the tree would’ve been a Yew.

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