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  1. If your narrative is one of resistance, and not just in Ireland but on both sides of the Scottish your very survival become a celebration.
    Me, with a historians hat on have concluded that Racism is the core of everything in Ireland. You see is in the way the State and politicians form their definitions.
    When you hear Taxpayer, read English of the towns and castles, not Irish. When you hear the minister of social welfare -I refuse to pander to rebranding – speak about their budget being 20+ billion. What she doesn’t follow with is that 85% + of that budget is made up of civil service pensions and not the poor. The Tinker Question could long ago have been remedied by having the CoCo’s build and run civilised caravan parks like you see in France.
    In the North I truly don’t blame the poor for reacting to the circumstances in the way they do. Indeed what you are seeing in England these last few years is in that space where the poor, living in a hopeless situation blame who they see.

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