Sunday thoughts for 19th August 2018 — 1 Comment

  1. You seem right about the inclusive attitude of Jesus in that statement Ian but He doesn’t influence people to desert synagogues because of Pharisees misbehaviors Ian. Churches are still valuable, it is place where you need to refresh spiritually, tithe and receive sacraments. Denying the importance of the Church is likely to deny the authority of God,dear brother. And this is the foremost weakness of contemporary Christians and the reason of a great Islamic invasion to the former Christian historical sanctuaries. Yes,leaders of the Church at some certain periods of the time had abused their power but you and me regret such misconduct but the Church is always holy and not be encountered to errors of its church goers. Its is like children and parents. Children take their ways different from their parents and what parents do is always regretting and wailing, Ian.

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