Why are so many so angry? — 4 Comments

  1. I wonder if they are all that angry or has the format lent itself to a truncated delivery.
    For myself the things that get to me are that which should bother the political parties and organs that say they help the poorer, less endowed, segments of society, but usually don’t. So sometimes, and to use a cricketing term, I bowl for the head.And if I can put a good spin on it all the better. There must’ve been some connection to the West Indies in my past 🙂
    Of course you will have the nutters. But they were always there. You had letters sections filled with missives from Pissed Off in Penge, Pettigo for the IT. The only difference then and now was the Sub-Editor, so you only got to see the really good stuff.

  2. Just this morning I was reading about a guy in Spain who took it to the next level.

    He went 110km by bus to attack a person with whom he had been trading insults on social media. The other guy ended up in hospital with various fractures as a bat or something was involved and the aggressor is looking at three years in the pokey and a 10k Euro fine.

  3. You may be right, nuance and inflection are mostly lost in online communication.

    I would point out that it was the English who started bodyline bowling!

  4. That’s madness.

    It’s a simple matter to walk away from an online spat. It’s becoming like road rage!

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