Polarised politics — 3 Comments

  1. That photo looks like a gay couple where MDH makes the money.

    I think Ireland would’ve happily voted MDH into a lifetime job in the lodge. But I was with Craughwell in insisting on an election. Indeed I would’ve put good money into a fighting fund for him to run. But then I would’ve voted MDH, as I did.
    But what I hated was the viciousness generated by Casey and his ugly stances on the Tinkers and those on Social payments. But if ever you needed evidence that there is a version of Irish UKiP and that a cohort exists akin those in the north that find an issue with the very existence of an ‘other’ this exposes it.
    And I’m also delighted that that odd blasphemy clause is gone. The last hangover from the Penal Laws that got past the framers when the CoI was Disestablished and then got hoiked into the Constitution. I must read the 1922 one to see if it exists there.

  2. There seems something cyclical in history. After the Roman Empire, and the civilisation it represented, crumbled, Ireland remained a place of scholarship and progress. Michael D. may be the successor to the likes of Feargal of Aghaboe and Gall of Bangor in standing for values contrary to those that now prevail.

  3. A few years ago I did some research on the amount of Roman ‘artifacts’ found in Ireland, all of it, that showed up in the archaeological record. Did you know you could fit the lot in the boot of a Mini. So for 500 years, ishy, the Irish stopped all contacts with the empire. But then when the empirical connections lessened, what happened, the Irish took to the imperial religion with a gusto that might best be called odd. But then when the North Africans -driven by the sweep of Islam- decided that Easter needed adjustment the Irish church stuck to their guns to the point they took in the English that disagreed with Whitby.
    Basically you’d have to say there’s something of the Salmon about the entire race. Probably one of the reasons I like you.

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