Sunday thoughts for Armistice Day, 11th November 2018 — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been to the tower and found it good. My ex who is Belgian was very shocked that the books of names remained in the alcoves. While I never thought for an instant that they would be bothered in any way by the local tearaways.
    My only objection was the source of the stone came from a Workhouse and a Barracks.

  2. I heard one guide turn it around and say that the stone was a reminder that working people were the ones who suffered – at home or abroad.

  3. The Dublin civil service rarely have the feel for something like this. Like with the army officers delivering a flag to the school children in 2016, when it should be the otherway round.
    Given what went on in the workhouses that stone should be put into the seas to try and wash the screams and pain off them but they hand it over to things like the Glencree, or the arts in Callen. They put the social welfare office over the intake rooms of the old workhouse in Kilkenny up on the Hebron Rd and where the Tuam babies were placed was the cesspit chamber of the old workhouse.
    What they should’ve done was to have stone from each county.

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