Brexit and the English Civil War — 3 Comments

  1. Steve Ellis prof of Hist in NUIG often commented that Cromwell was viewed very differently on both islands. But what he didn’t mention was he was viewed similarly in the Welsh marcher counties as he was here in Ireland.
    On the topic though I agree with you about the elites. But one thing that struck me over the last 30 years was just how little was made of the farm subsidy to gigantic landowners by the left. It always seemed insane to me that farms north of 200 acres got anything at all. But downrtight doolally those above 2000, like you see in Lincolnshire and with landowners like the Howards, Percies and Thynnes.

  2. I was disappointed when the UK voted to leave the EU. I know that the EU has lots of faults and problems even though its funding and openness changed Ireland for the better. I have come to the point where, if it were not for the risks to peace in Ireland and the Good Friday agreement, I would wish that the UK just go now. At this point if the UK were to stay in the EU it would have to swallow its pride and, as it expects the 27 to roll over and give it cake while it eats it, the climbdown would be too much for May and her supporters to take.

  3. I think everyone is heartily tired of the whole thing at this point. Demographics mean that the whole process will have to be reversed in years to come.

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