March madness — 6 Comments

  1. The pub will never shut.
    The time will be frozen until the negotiators on both sides reach an agreement.

  2. I wonder what is going to happen. The leading Brexiteers don’t want a deal, they want to be able to trash all the EU regulations that protect people – health and safety standards, employment rights, food hygiene standards and so on. May seems to be threatening them with no Brexit unless they vote for her deal (which appears close to what they want anyway). I was a Corbyn fan until his performance around Brexit disillusioned me. The DUP MPs might enjoy their time in the spotlight for now but they will find out that the English (and I use the word deliberately instead of British) hard line Brexiteers will dump them if they block their vision of Brexit. I hope that we don’t return to a visible border in Ireland because that would be a disaster.

  3. The DUP are going to be dumped whether there is a deal or not – the British government’s no-deal provision for Northern Ireland is that there will be no tariffs on EU goods coming into Northern Ireland. The de facto border will be the Scottish ports.

    Brexit was a huge con trick sold to working-class people by people who had an eye only on their own gain.

  4. Interesting vision at the beginning that captures some of the issues… Over here, March Madness refers to the college basketball playoffs and the University of North Carolina is doing quite well, thank you.

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