Sermon thoughts for the First Sunday in Lent, 10th March 2019 — 2 Comments

  1. Ian, your comment on the second temptation is particularly true of the Church of Ireland as you undoubtedly remember. There are very few voices that speak out about what’s happening in the local economy with its inequalities, housing and health care crisis, and overcrowded schools in parts of the country. The spirituality that people search for may be found in caring for society as you suggest rather than preaching anodyne sermons that avoid anything controversial.

  2. Sean O’Casey would have been familiar with such a church.

    “There we go; the streets of Dublin echo with the drumbeats of footsteps running away.  The Archbishop in his Palace and the Customs Officer on the quay viva watch to guard virtue and Eire; the other Archbishop (Barton) draws the curtains and sits close to his study fire, saying nothing; and so the Hidden Ireland becomes the Bidden Ireland, and all is swell”.

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