Washing my feet in the sink — 2 Comments

  1. Sinks had a different function back then. They were designed to take a washboard, and because of that were lower. Dishes were washed in a basin but were rinsed off and perhaps steeped in the sink before hand. But the basins were as big as a nowadays sink and filled with a kettle.
    Now I don’t remember the big white sink being the only one in the kitchen for my grandfather had installed a Stanley with a back boiler and a biggish cylinder but I do remember the big sink being used to wash clothes before they had a washing machine. Now that was a palavah, but by jeepers nothing could spin like it. You could darn near wear them on coming out, only not.
    Anywoos, the big sinks were a lower affair, maybe mid thigh to the hip height of the modern one.

  2. Our house was a council house, built in 1926. We had a downstairs bathroom with a bath and a washbasin that was fitted to the wall – but an outside toilet. When the council moved they toilet inside in 1972, I thought it was luxury!

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