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  1. Ireland has a fetish about land ownership but it would be better to say a terror of the workhouse. Remember until the land acts even the three lives leases could fail after a sequence of bad years.
    England was a bit different for the leases were open to be sold while active.
    Where the two diverged was after WW2 and the building program on the 50s and 60s. Then came the selling of the council houses, a good thing I still thing. But the failure occurred when the councils weren’t forced to use that money to replace.
    Then came Blair, and his Christian Democrat version of labour. Who saw the good of Canary Wharfs developments and pushed that through across the country. However in London the development was organic to some extent. In Manchester it wasn’t, nor Durham, not Liverpool. So come the crash we had house ownership that people couldn’t afford.
    To my mind people will tolerate a lot given a bit of hope, and there hasn’t been one ounce of that. What did the Tories and Liberals deliver, or the FG and Labour here over the last ten years ?. Homelessness, high rents, savagery in the dole office and in the UK Food Banks for people other than those living on the streets in peacetime. FFS !!!!!
    You don’t have to be a raging socialist to see something has gone utterly nuts.

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