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  1. If you were to design a history course to prevent any lasting knowledge to stick it’s hard to see how they could better the current method on these islands.
    But people have an insatiable hunger for it, when it’s exposed is a way that’s accessible without being patronising. Look at the popularity of Time Team. Now that wasn’t a easy meal to digest. But it was an appointment programme every week.
    What’s dreary though is the endless State Building horseshit that’s been on the telly for the last few years. Just how many iterations can we have of the early life of QE2 (not the ship).
    But for the Tudors why not bring in a few Cd’s of The Tudors with JRM as Henry. That’s as on the ball as anything a kid is likely to encounter until midway through a BA.
    With the Tudors what’s so difficult is it’s been studied as the beginnings of the Time of the Small Men in the administration. You’ll note that almost all the big families were sidelined one by one. And it really wasn’t until the restoration they reasserted themselves.

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