Avoiding antisemitism — 6 Comments

  1. You may think less of me for what I’m going to write now, but here goes.
    The attitude to the Jews was a propaganda that had it’s base in a measure of fact. Yes, and particularly in the pre unification German states, the bankers that specialized in State lending was the Rothschild in Frankfort and Vienna. And NM Rothschild was in London and de Rothschild Frères in France. Another in Naples.
    It became a ‘generally known fact’ that local Jews invested in the big banks and so when the States finances became unstable it was the small farmer lower civil servant and basic craftsman that were hit when the tide went out. These people who in the good days didn’t care about the Jews now had a local target. A readymade one from previous crisis and well egged on by the Establishment who were trying to deflect from where the blame should sit

    I’ve written elsewhere that we need a realistic examination of the 18th and 19th century propaganda on this and a few other subjects. And that we need to accept the grain of truth about the roll the Jews played in world finance where it intersected with the little people. Because our current attitude that says there is nothing too the ugly stories of the 1900’s misses entirely that the roll of the establishment in the various countries.

    What’s very odd about Joyce on this subject -if he’s got a feel for Dublin of that time on this- is that the Jews weren’t a feature in Irish banking to any great extent. I suspect what you are seeing is a import via the Catholic orders that came over from France, and from a previous generation.

  2. In the 19th Century, 80% of European Jews lived in the Polish-Lithuanian confederation. A tiny handful of Jews played a role in the realm of finance.

  3. 18th, by 1800 Russia Prussia and Austria had carved it up. But they lived much like the Catholic Irish lived during the same period and because both were prevented from an active roll – or own real property- in society they accrued liquidity through business.

  4. The Jews behaved as rational capitalists, not because of their faith. Our recent (and future?) banking crash had nothing to do with any ethnic or religious group, just with unregulated greed. It has always been very easy for establishments everywhere to turn people against particular groups so that they won’t turn on their true exploiters. Isn’t the UK very likely to have a Prime Minister who refers to burka-wearing Islamic women as “letter boxes” and used the phrase “picanninies with water melon smiles” to refer to black people?

  5. The current trends in British politics are depressing. Rory Stewart has an excellent essay in this week’s “New Statesman.” It is a measure of how much the ground has shifted that a mainstream Tory sounds left of centre.

  6. I hoped Greave would be the leader, but failing him Stewart. And reading that essay it confirms my thoughts. Of course given the way the UK has gone since the 80s neither would get the support to drive their agenda through.
    It is my opinion that Scotland will leave the union in a dual monarchy or as part of commonwealth, but leave they will. There is a style of Tory in the driving seat now that are England purists, marked in the extreme by Widdicombe with a view derived from the old colonial administration. We have them too, those that are still grousing about their glory days when they were officers in the Indian army with pools and servants. Those that went to SA because they had their old lives later.
    On the whole I think the two parties have to shatter. Leaving a far left at about 15%, a far right 15% and the Tories 25%, Labour 25% and the Liberals 20%.

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