The BBC get caught up in the silly season — 3 Comments

  1. I wondered if you’d write on this one. And too your take on it.
    It’s a bit of a head scratcher right enough. But the mini golf was worse. Me, I’d have gone with a gigantic Catherine Wheel before the facade on the 25th of Nov. Yeah, a bit of razzmatazz, but it has a connection to a religious figure.
    Still, it’s a talking point. And it will get people in the doors, and maybe one or two will stay.

    Generally speaking, the Norman church was always a bit po-faced when held against the church in Europe. You should see some of the paintings and woodcuts of the German regions before the wars of religion of town and village celebrations.

  2. When traditional cathedral worship is one of the few ways in which the church still manages to draw a crowd, it seemed silly to damage that image.

  3. Is it something akin to the up tick in worship in places like Mount Melleray and the Orders generally. While the parishes are seeing their numbers fall, here.

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