Being powerful and being food for worms — 2 Comments

  1. This last number of years I’ve felt myself to be a bit of flotsam. Back in the noughties I saw the end of the bubble. I saw the insanity of Bush 2 heading into Iraq, knowing what would occur, for it or near it occurred before.
    But what caused me to wonder what was going on was the election of Obama, pushed by the Dems for the sole reason to put a black man in the White House. When they could’ve gotten a plank of wood into the WH. But should have gone with a solid left of center politician who could’ve rolled back many of the insane policies of RR, Bush1 and Clinton. Someone like Trump was certain.
    In the UK Blair didn’t help the lower income voter nor did he cause an increase of income merely used the feel good factor of increasing house prices to quench any real ire. Then Cameron et al, went hell for leather at the poor whilst using policy to make those that usually felt save really scared. Hence the ire that has us with Brexit and the odd concoction of a telly personality as PM, a weird preying mantis on the Privy Council, with a foulmouthed goul as Johnsons hitman in #10. All pushed by a bunch of business bandits from publican to people living on an island the is three times off shore for tax reasons.
    On the plays.
    I like them now, but as a kid and teen, no. They were beyond anything that connected and that’s where the core of Art lays for all of us. By reading Classics in Galway the plays of Seneca. Important because he wrote in the time of Nero and the attendant instability.

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