Boris falls into a mantrap — 2 Comments

  1. I have not much feel for this GE. Well, beyond that the Scots will vote en mass for the SNP. NI will vote as usual with maybe a Green. Wales will have the usual city country split. Perhaps the LD will take a few from the Tories, or perhaps Plaid C might move east of the mountains.
    I feel rather than believe that Labour is far far safer in the seats they now hold, and the belief that the Tories and Brexit will take seats is mere wishful thinking. But where they will lose it will be to the Greens and LibDems. And the Jewish swing due to antisemitism won’t matter for those seats have moved to the Tories with the increase of wealth in the areas, or rather the poor moving out.
    It’s your area that might cause mayhem. With the Tory vote split the people just might return Labour and LibDems. This might also be true in the marginal farming areas too, like Cumbria. The rest, the Tory majority is just too large to overcome, and the same for Labour where they are ascendant.
    But I have a feeling that things like the Tory MP’s laughing at Corbyn for wearing a green tie to commemorate those lost in Latimer Road when that tower went ablaze will push some who would never think of voting for anything other than Tory to staying at home. Call them the CofE, Dominic Greive section.
    End numbers; I don’t really know. But if I was Johnson I beware of long grass. For while there has been a very vicious and vocal Leave segment. I feel there is a far far larger one where annoyance has been grinding since the vote.

  2. I wonder why Austin and Woodcock were ever in the Labour Party. I can understand them suggesting voting for the Lib-Dems because they hate Corbyn but to suggest voting for the Tories is beyond me.

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