A reflection for Sunday, 17th May 2020 — 2 Comments

  1. I’m an ex-Catholic though many say there’s no such thing. But I know I am ex to that institution. As I child I loved to read about Jesus and was really affected by things he said. I took refuge on Buddhism 10 yrs ago and have found many similarities in the teachings of Christ and of the Buddha. Some say Jesus became a Buddhist and many eastern religions revere and honour Jesus as a major prophet. Warring factions claim God as their ally (cue Bob Dylan) but if God is all forgiving isn’t that true? I remember as a 4 year old telling my school teacher I thought God loved me too much to send me to hell. “What if you killed a newborn baby?” she asked!! Pondering this almost incomprehensible question for a few minutes I replied “Well I think God would have to help me even more if I killed a little baby.” My parents were sent for. Difficult to control a child who didnt believe in hell. Maybe hell is Samsara this interminable wheel of life. Buddhist teaching says all humans have a truly loving basic nature and that we just need to connect to that. Once we are connect to our heart essence we naturally are kind and compassionate. Wishing good things for all beings feels good. I struggle with some but that’s then a call for me to contemplate my own stuff. I can change no-one but myself. I’m enjoying reading these blogs.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I am trying to teach Buddhism to Year 7 students at the moment. However, online lessons don’t lend themselves to the sort of conversations we might have in class. From the lessons on Christianity, I know that few of them believe in hell, but there is a strong belief in some idea of karma.

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