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  1. At school in the 1950’s one of my hobby’s was amateur radio, and most communication in those days was exclusively via radio and especially w/t (morse, to the unwashed). I was also a keen school army cadet. One day I came across a leaflet, which was an advert for “Composite Signals Organisation”, showing in silhouette a figure in dark-blue battledress and beret, with a big aerial tower in the background. It said they were looking for school-leavers with 6 or 7 O-levels to join them to be trained as a fully-fledged government radio operator willing to be posted to stations and embassies all over the world! Was I excited? Was I!! I got all the papers for applying, took them into the grammar school I attended to get the necessary endorsements, only to be blasted out by my form-teacher who made it crystal-clear – grammar-school leavers do not go for anything less than university. So that was that! But then….what might have become of me? management in GCHQ? Who knows!

  2. I worked at a school in Cheltenham for the past two years and was careful to use the A40 and Junction 11 of the M5 as little as possible for GCHQ causes daily gridlock! Had you disregarded your form teacher’s advice, you might have spent many hours sitting in traffic jams wondering if this was really what you should have done.

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