Top Ten Detectives — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve never even heard of Spiral or The Bridge. Oh dear. I would tend to agree with your comments about Benedict Cumberbatch – started off OK but then became decidedly weird – I gave up watching after the first few episodes because I couldn’t understand what was going on.
    My favourite TV detective series at the moment is ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries’, a New Zealand programme which can be seen on the Drama Channel. I’m sure if it were on a more mainstream channel, the press would take a lot more notice of it. Quirky and humerous characters (the main detective, Mike Shepherd, tends to hold conversations with the victim), great plots. I’ve watched most episodes at least twice. I wouldn’t say he’s necessarily the best TV detective, but he’s certainly my favourite

  2. “Spiral” and “The Bridge” were both BBC 4, as were the Swedish versions of “Wallander” and “Montalbano.”

    I’m not familiar with the “The Brokenwood Mysteries,” I must look out for it. Perhaps it will get a BBC 4 airing not that the BBC are cutting resources for new programmes to BBC 4

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