Becoming lawless again — 2 Comments

  1. The only good thing about my little dog getting deaf is she can’t hear the bangs and wooshes each year.
    On the cars. Greater enforcement followed from more poor people driving. If it remained only the local big shot, doctor, priest and odds and sorts of the bigger farmers & merchants enforcement would still be loose. And just to say it’s very unlikely the poor knew you could get Summonses kicked out, and they sure didn’t know the Garda District leadership well enough to ask.

  2. I had a parishioner who, in the 1960s or 70s, was driving a lorry as a favour to a local businessman. When stopped by Gardai, he was unaware of the act that the lorry was uninsured, and later received a summons for driving an uninsured vehicle. Assuming the summons was intended for the owner, he ignored it. There then followed a notice that a warrant had been issued for his arrest because of his failure to answer the summons. He went to the local TD, Oliver J Flanagan, who read through the summons and warrant and told the man he had been very silly. Flanagan then phoned the minister of justice and the charges were dropped.

    It is not hard to imagine such an occurrence being repeated in the present day.

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