On being someone else — 3 Comments

  1. Given what was going on in the schools, and him without a father to give even a modicum of cover I wouldn’t be surprised if his reinvention stemmed from hellish encounters with brothers and priests. And frankly if that occurred its little wonder his view of Ireland would be unforgiving.

  2. It would.

    What seems odd is that he didn’t recognize Dalton as a fellow reinventor and take his hand in acknowledgement of their shared past.

  3. Yes, oddish.
    But the connection usually used to hang a hat on him is his GAA founding father. And that I feel may just be a bit too thin, since he died when Brendan was a baby. I think his mothers connections are discounted. Remember he was far from the only Irish person at the heart of the Tory party, through business connections.

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