The grey mare and innocent deaths — 5 Comments

  1. It struck me as odd what the Romans were doing in Palestine in the first place. The cost of occupation would far outweigh anything they could gain, and like the Crusades, would need vast amounts of supplies to keep them there. But what we only get a hint about from the Three Kings is that the area was across two, and if you push it a bit, three caravan routes from the East to the Med. And/or down the coast to the Nile.

  2. Britain seemed an odd place as well – especially if an entire legion disappeared.

    The Magi always appealed to me – mysterious strangers

  3. I think that was a resource issue. Particularly lead, tin and copper. I’d even go so far as to say that was the reason Julius got support for the Gallic war. That support came from the conquests of the eastern Med. I suspect they saw the Celts seemed to have unlimited amounts gleaned from trader reports. But once the truth became clear that their possessions were build up over decades and the French mines were insufficient it dawned on them they had to extend.
    Up until very lately the study of classical civilisations stopped dead with admin.

  4. Here, yes, but there is a very real push in the UK and it was always seen as a valid option in most of Europe. Here there has always been a utilitarian approach to education.

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